Pillage the competition by plundering the market


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Local and Enterprise SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial aspects in attracting the right people to your business long term. It is the art and science of increasing your site’s visibility organically in search engines. Improving your local SEO tactics means you reach more of your community.

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Content Marketing / Copywriting

Content Marketing is a special strategy that involves delivering unique and original content through blog posts, videos, and podcasts. At Vikingar Solutions, we focus on the copywriting of researched and targeted keywords that are strategically placed with in awesome and engaging articles.

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Social Media Marketing / Branding

In our world today a business’s success is about being seen and being heard. It’s branding yourself as an industry leader, as an authority in your field. Social Media and Branding go hand in hand. Whether you’ve already begun to brand yourself and need help managing it, or you are fairly new and need something kickass, we got you!

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Targeted Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very direct marketing approach that, again, allows you to engage your market and also increase your customer base. Setting up a way to capture site viewer emails is a great way to generate revenue and give quality content even while away from your desk.

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About Us

What the heck is Vikingar Solutions? How do you say it?
Pillage Your Competition and Plunder Your Market

As a digital marketing agency one could say that we are vikings of all things dealing with SEO. We really like thinking of ourselves this way, I mean vikings are awesome!

Throughout history the vikings have always been noted as pillagers and plunderers. Both terms carry a very negative ideal. Also, vikings were much more than the animals some portray (we're biased).

To pillage means to rob and usually with force, but that's bad. Plunder means to take something from someone, forcefully...again bad.

We won't be doing anything bad, but our aim is to get your target market away from your competition and direct them to your business. Not with force, but with strategic planning of SEO, content marketing, and email marketing.


The Pillager and Plunderer of the Marketing World

Joshua Stafford

Digital Marketer / CEO / Viking
Using both on-page and off-page SEO tactics I will bring your page from behind the lines to the forefront of your competition. Part of your journey to the top also means establishing your brand and authority, I got you there too!


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